Why Hiring Cleaning Services Can Boost Staff Productivity

Many factors can affect the success of your company.  The productivity of your workforce is one of the biggest factors that can affect your business success.  

Most successful businesses believe that hiring cleaning services can greatly boost staff productivity. Just about all of these businesses invest in commercial cleaning services instead of relying on staff for the cleaning just for the sake of productivity.  

Here is a quick look at the top ways office cleaning tasks can affect the productivity of your teams;

Expertise Is Put To Better Use

Would you pay a cleaner the same salary as your business manager just to mop and dust your floors? 

Well, this is exactly what you are doing when you rely on your staff to keep the office clean.  

The knowledge and experience your employees have is much better used on the tasks for which they are assigned.  Asking your workforce to waste precious time on cleaning jobs isn’t just a waste of your resources, it also ends up costing your business much more compared to hiring a cleaning service charge much less than what you pay your high-paying employees.

Employee Morale Is Boosted

Most employees feel that cleaning jobs are dehumanizing.  No one likes to go and scrub the toilet knowing that everyone in the office knows what grim task they are about to perform. Employees that feel dehumanized can start to harbor negative feelings towards superiors.  This negativity can, in return, affect their work productivity.

When you leave cleaning tasks up to your staff, these jobs are usually neglected.  The office can become messy and cluttered pretty fast. 

Working in a messy environment can reduce the enthusiasm of your staff.  Too much clutter in the office can also become distracting.  And all of these elements will eventually slow down the general productivity.  

Reduced Sick Leave Days

Offices that are not properly cleaned can pose many health risks.  Mould and mildew growth can cause respiratory conditions.  Too much dust, pollen and allergens in carpets and upholstery can cause frequent allergic reactions or asthma attacks in staff members.  And employees can get ill by touching germs and bacteria on dirty surfaces.

With professional cleaners, your office will be properly cleaned and all surfaces will be disinfected regularly.  This will reduce illnesses such as respiratory conditions, asthma, allergies and can also help stop the spread of disease amongst employees.  Your general sick leave days will greatly reduce and productivity naturally increases.

Better Protection for Office Equipment

Your workforce might be trained experts in their field but they are not trained how to safely clean expensive equipment without breaking these items.  When office equipment such as computers, printers, scanners and routers break, it can hinder many employees and productivity can even be hauled to a stop.  

Professional cleaning services know exactly how to clean delicate equipment without damaging these items.  The chances of office equipment breaking down on you are reduced and productivity won’t be affected.

Reduced Arguments amongst Employees

Leaving the cleaning up to your workforce can result in many distractions.  There will always be arguments amongst employees about whose turn it is to vacuum or clean the dishes.  Terrible arguments can also occur when some staff members have messy habits that others need to clean up after.

These petty arguments can take up lots of valuable time and can often disrupt an entire office. 

With a cleaning service at your side, many arguments are prevented and your workforce will work as a unit instead of against one another.

Hiring a cleaning service is one of the best things you can do to boost your overall productivity and a good company like Integral Cleaning offers a great many other benefits to your business and employees.  

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