How to remove stubborn carpet stains

Having a clean and tidy home to wake up to every day can enlighten your mood and set you on the path to productivity. A tidy home can facilitate clear thinking too since clutter and disorganization can leave you feeling unproductive and drained. However, the fact is, sometimes, your home can be tidy, but little things can make it feel unclean or imperfect. An example is stubborn carpet stains. You can spend hours tidying your living room, however, the spilt coffee or juice stain in the middle of the rug can still the first thing you see.

Very stubborn stains may require enlisting the services of professional cleaners. However, there is no harm in following a few steps at home to see if you can get the job done. One of the key factors in removing stains is the steps you take as soon as the drink is spilt. Read on for some tips on dealing with carpet stains to give you the best chance of enjoying a pristine carpet and floor.

1. Blot the spot

With a clean cloth or paper towels, blot the area quickly. Do not rub, but gently blot lifting the cloth up from the floor intermittently. The aim of this is to absorb as much of the liquid as possible before it soaks into the carpet or rug.

2. Get some washing up liquid and vinegar

Squirt some washing up liquid into some warm water and add a few drops of vinegar. Pour this liquid over the stained area and start blotting again. Vinegar is a natural cleaner, and washing up liquid is mild and safe to use. Neither of these will harm your carpet fibres. The key to containing the spill is to blot from outside and in towards the centre.

3. Pour some water

Get a cup of warm water and pour over the stained area. Start blotting again.

4. Dry the area

You’ve washed the stained area twice now, and so it is now time to dry. You can place clean and dry towels over the stain to help absorb all the excess water. When it dries, you should not see any remnants of the stain. 

Professional advice: if you can still see residue from the stain on your carpet, you can try baking soda. Simply make a paste with soda and water and spread over the carpet. When it dries, you can vacuum it up and this should help remove any remaining stain.


Clean floors and pristine carpets are part and parcel of having a tidy home. Stubborn and ugly stains can quickly take away from the hard work of tidying.  Remember that the key to removing a stain successfully is to act quickly. If the stubborn stain in the middle of the living room rug is bothering you, you can try to remove it yourself first. If that fails then professional cleaning services are also on hand.  

At Integral Cleaning, we pride ourselves on our high quality and professional cleaning services. We are here to take care of all your cleaning and organizational needs. Get in touch today to see how we can help you.

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