5 Ways To Keep Your Home Organised During Lockdown

The whole world is currently experiencing some form of lockdown in the effort against the spread of Covid-19. Things can feel very out of control since people’s jobs and lives have gone through a massive upheaval in a short space of time. The fact is, however, there are little things you can do to help you maintain a little control over your home life. This, in turn, can have a tremendously positive effect on how you feel through the lockdown and beyond.

1. Make a flexible and versatile workspace

You may not be used to working from home. However, the current lockdown may mean that you have to do so. Making a versatile office will mean you can pack it up whenever you need to and you won’t need to buy any extra furniture. The obvious spots are the dining table or the dressing table. Both can be converted into comfortable workspaces. Have a designated drawer or space you can pop things into if you need to. 

2. Keep on top of tidying

It is easy to let tidying and cleaning slide when in lockdown. After all, no one is really going to turn up unexpectedly, and you also don’t need to rush out of the house at a certain time. However, this can have a negative effect on your productivity levels and also increase stress.

It is important to have a set time to tidy up. Before sleep is often the best time. This means you are ready to start the day as soon as you get up instead of trying to deal with last night’s mess first. 

3. Organize your pantry

One of the positives of the lockdown is that you probably have more time to spend cooking things from scratch. You may even be forced to as restaurants and deliveries are restricted. A good way to encourage your culinary skills is to organize your kitchen pantry. Take out all your ingredients and organize them in a way that helps you find things easily while cooking. Ensure that everything has a home and put things where they belong after use.

4. Declutter your bedroom

Taking care of your mental health in lockdown is crucial. One of the ways to achieve this is to ensure you get a good night’s sleep. Decluttering the bedroom has been proven to be linked with more restful sleep. Take this opportunity with more time at home to make your bedroom a more relaxing place. This will filter through to the rest of your home too.

5. Get the kids to join in

For many families, the lockdown has meant they are spending more time together than ever before. A lot of clutter and mess at home can be down to having the kids there all day, every day. It is important to establish new routines that are beneficial to everyone. Encourage everyone to spend half an hour together in the morning cleaning, and half an hour after dinner tidying up. Put some music on and make it fun for everybody.


Keeping your home organized during lockdown will help you stay productive. Making a designated work station will keep work clutter in one place. In addition, organizing the pantry will help you rustle up quick and healthy meals for your family too. 

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