5 Helpful Office Cleaning Tips for Spring

With spring in full swing, thorough office cleaning is a necessity that can boost productivity and freshen up your workplace. A quote from Benjamin Franklin’s virtue of cleanliness is certainly apropos here:  “For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.”

Imagine a few minutes of cleaning and organising your workplace, multiplied by the number of employees in your office. Any savvy business owner will quickly see how this can effectively boost productivity and wellbeing.

Here are five helpful office cleaning tips for spring:

  • Use It or Lose It

Spending the better part of every workday in an office is sure to attract a lot of old, underutilised items. When cleaning your work area, take note of every item on your shelves, in drawers, and elsewhere that may be seeing little to no use and either discard it, take it home if it’s a personal item, or leave it if it’s essential.

Naturally, sensitive data such as client information and invoices should be kept where they belong for regulatory reasons, e.g. GDPR, accounting and taxation, etc. A half dozen lanyards from trade shows and exhibitions, however, are probably not essential and should be discarded or taken home.

  • Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

No matter how well you think you may have cleaned your office, there are so many deep cleaning tasks that are perpetually postponed or neglected altogether. Take window blinds, for instance. They accumulate dust, mould, and bacteria over time and are seldom considered during office cleaning.

Professional cleaners such as Integral Cleaning can deep clean your office using techniques and equipment to attack mould and bacteria at its source, thus making your workplace a much healthier place to be.

  • Make a List, Check it Twice

It may not be necessary to make a list for tidying up documents on a desk, but less routine cleaning activities such as deep cleaning of carpets, walls, window cleaning, and more should be scheduled using a list (a spreadsheet works well for this, too). Write down all essential deep cleaning tasks, how frequently they need to be completed, and set reminders to alert you when cleaning needs to be done.

As a bonus tip, consider placing semi-annual or annual tasks during the spring months. This will keep you organised and focussed on cleaning during this period in one fell swoop without having to worry about these tasks all year long. Moreover, your office will look extremely clean after all essential tasks are completed during the spring. A clean office is conducive to maintaining clean behaviour on the part of you and your employees.

  • Deep Clean Computers and Workstations

In our modern digital world, so much time is spent at a computer for many office employees and as such, they attract plenty of dust and germs from daily repetitive use. Disinfect keyboards and use condensed air to remove accumulated crumbs and debris stuck under the keys. Clean monitors and mouses as well.

  • Don’t Forget Digital Cleaning

If physically cleaning computers is a necessity for a clean workplace, so too is regular digital cleaning. Email inboxes should be cleaned by either deleting or archiving (where sensitive data is concerned) old emails. Defragmentation, system updates, and software updates can all be scheduled for this period as well to ensure that your IT systems are working smoothly and efficiently.

Clean Your Office With Integral Cleaning Today

Office cleaning should be done regularly in any case, but more intensive cleaning can be a time-consuming process that takes you and your employees away from value creation in your business. Let a professional cleaning expert such as Integral Cleaning give your office a boost in productivity by thoroughly cleaning it while you do what you do best.

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